Host an Election Night Party

  The countdown has begun and November 8th is fast approaching! It is on this day that the United Sates will welcome a new president into the White House. We at the White Houses of America are looking to celebrate this momentous occasion by activating various Election Night Parties throughout the United States. In photographing these houses over so many years, it becomes apparent that these homes not only echo the cultural political icon of the White House, but also symbolize the diversity and idiosyncrasies of the American citizen.

  Gather with friends and turn on the TV! See a visual presentation of the work, accumulated over the past 14 years across 43 states, talk, trade cards and collect a piece of the American landscape.

  Be it in a museum, gallery, or your own (White?) house these parties are a fantastic way to engage with art, culture and politics in the spirit of good fun and community within a political landscape that undoubtably will culminate in a historic election!

  If you're interested in hosting an Election Night Party, and acquiring a party package, please contact us!