The White Houses of America began in the spring of 2002, after randomly photographing a white building in Mount Morris, NY (I subsequently learned the author of the Pledge to Allegiance was from there) on my travels. While listening to the radio as I drove from city to city and from state to state I became accustomed to hearing of the White House, as an entity, that spoke; 'announced, declared, responded' etc.

  I suddenly became aware and fascinated by the sea of white houses, new and old, grand and modest that I moved past. I found myself obsessed with the architectural icon as a political symbol, and that collectively these homes formed some semblance of the soul of what The White House must represent.

   And so, in search of the politicized entity of the White House, I have photographed approximately 25, 000 white houses across 43 states over 14 years. These images, shot primarily on disposable cameras in motion without looking through the view finder, have caught a glimpse of the abstraction of White House across the American landscape in all of its differences, similarities and idiosyncrasies--a record that holds a mirror to the diversity of the United States of America.